Hi and welcome to my blog. I’m a French girl woman who has been living on a H1-B visa in Los Angeles since 2012. Since then, I’ve been trying to get my financial life in order, and to navigate the world of American personal finances. I’m single, in my early 40s, and while this whole expatriation thing hasn’t always been easy, it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

About this blog

This is a personal finances blog. As such, it documents my personal journey towards a responsible (read: adult) financial life. Along the way, I’ve often felt the need to write things down, to share ideas, reflections and goals, and seldom had the opportunity to. This blog is my way to do that.

I also realize I’ve been pretty lucky, and received enough help to make this transition to a new life easier than it could have been. I want to share my experience and, hopefully, help fellow expats with doing the right choices and avoiding some of the hurdles.

This is what this blog is about. While most of the contents will (hopefully) be relevant for anyone living in the US, it will sound very basic to anyone who grew up here. But your inputs and insights are welcome !

Aside from that, I’m very very bad at sticking to a theme, so you can expect various posts about my life, especially the other thing that is very important to me, fitness. Specifically, lifting. Because yes, I’m a lifter. I know.

Language woes

I’m writing in (broken) English, simply because everything I’m talking about is US-based and I won’t go to the trouble of trying to translate things like Roth IRA. Besides, I don’t want to restrict it only to French-speaking people. If you’re interested in US finances, you probably speak some level of English. To any native English speakers, please don’t take offense at all the grammatical errors and typos, ok ?

That said, you will probably get across the occasional post in French. Because why not ?


It seems that a disclaimer is in order. As stated above, this is a personal blog. I am not a professional in anything related to personal (or otherwise) finance, immigration, US laws, US taxes and such, or even fitness, nor am I any kind of an expert in any of those fields. So please, do not take anything on this blog as anything other than personal experience. Do not make any decision based upon what I have written, or what I have done or talked about. Any decision you make is your sole responsibility.

Sponsored contents

I’m a bit ahead of myself here, I know, since this is my first post, and it’s not even a real post. Anyway, know that everything on this blog is my own personal opinion, and that I’m not getting paid at all. This blog is not, in any form, a source of income.

I may, very occasionally, use affiliate links to services or products I use, but this will always be clearly stated.

However, for the time being, this blog is hosted on WordPress.com and WordPress will automatically display some ads. I have no control on them. More information here.


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