Monthly Recap – June 2015

June has been a pretty good month as far as my budget goes.

Budget review

First off, last month’s losers are this month’s winners. I cancelled a Farm vegetables subscription that I had (not because it wasn’t good, it was. Just that it didn’t work with my building’s configuration and I lost 2 out of 4 boxes in May – wish my neighbors would have left me a thank you note.). So in June, I spent $191.57 on groceries. Yep. It’s a bit misleading, though, since it was a short month and I was home only 3 weeks out of the four. But I’m still counting it as a BIG win. I let the remaining grocery money roll over to July as it’s gonna be a long month full of people visiting !

Foooood !

I spent $96.92 on restaurants. That’s going out 2 times in the month, one with my colleagues, and one was take out tacos. Plus a truly awful lunch at the airport when I was waiting for my flight. Ew. Still, I stayed under budget by a couple of bucks. Win.

Smoking Hell

On the smoking front, I’m WAY over budget, but for a good cause :

  • Cigarettes : $42.25
  • Nic patches : $76.15
  • Vaping (juices and atomizer heads) : $59.04

So a mind-boggling total of $177.44. Whoops. But it’s actually good news. I haven’t smoked a cigarette for a week, and my last pack before that lasted me another one. The last cigarette wasn’t even fully smoked and I didn’t enjoy it in the least. I’m fully vaping again and not craving cigs anymore. I’m still using patches, for the short term. I have enough to last me through most of July, and after that, I won’t buy any more. I’ll just keep a few as emergency crutches it’s all in the head 🙂

In July, I will most probably only buy atomizer heads, and a little more juice with lower nic level.

I just want a Genie to grant me a wish and I’ll choose to get rid of that fucking addiction.


I took Pet Insurance for my two cats in April, after many months negotiating with myself over it. And I’m glad I did.

One of my cats seemed off so I took her to the vet. She’s okay, but it’s a $277 hole in the Vet budget. Most of it went against my deductible, and I feel better knowing I can take her in any time and it won’t have to be a financial decision.


In June, I saved my customary 18.15% of gross income (401(k) and HSA). Not much to say.

As for my take home savings, I am finally above my monthly goal of 35% with a score of 39.9%. Couldn’t get to the 40% threshold, eh.

Net Worth

I don’t have the pic or the details with me, but on June 30th, I finally reached $80,000 !

So, all in all, a good month that could have been better (vet) or much worse (vet, eh). It goes straight into the WIN column.