Monthly recap – May 2015

My first monthly recap !

So how did May go ?

May was tough on a few categories – mainly Groceries and Restaurants. I’ve been both hungry and lazy, and the numbers show it. I’m over my groceries budget by $90 and my restaurant one by $50. And they’re both already quite high for a single person. Fail.

That being said, I was able to “WAM” other stuff, and make a little tiny bit additional income that I used to cover for that.

I also separated my groceries and cigarettes budget, which should make it easier.

Savings Rate

I saved 18.28% of my gross income, by maxing out my 401(k) and HSA. This figure won’t change much from month to month.

However, the number for savings on my take home pay isn’t as pretty : almost 7.25%, when my monthly goal is 35%. BUT there is a reason : I booked the flights for my vacation next fall (for $1,738, gasp), with money I had saved specifically for that (which inflated my savings rate in March). So of course, it counts as negative this month. But I also saved $1,896.61 in my Down Payment fund, $156.61 more than my monthly goal. Thank you, overtime !

Net Worth

Argh, I’m so close to $80,000 lol.

Net Worth YTD

Other ins and outs

I’m pretty happy to report that I sold quite a bit of vaping stuff.

Description Amount
Vaping Gear $395.83
Referrals $12.00
Postage Costs $52.23
Domain Names and Email Plans $38.48

So a net positive amount of $317.12.

Of which I saved $300 in my Down Payment fund. YAY ME !