I booked my flights home !

I finally took the plunge and booked flights to go back home this fall. It will be 3.5 years since I left, and I can’t wait to be there and see my friends and family. Oh, and the food. I would spend the tickets price just to eat some real bread and cheese. Sigh.

I grew up near Paris, and couldn’t wait to leave, which I did at 30, moving to the Riviera and close to my family. That’s when I started to love Paris, seeing it with the eye of a tourist. Now it’s my favorite city in the world – but I don’t think I will ever want to live there again.

To stay on topic – the round trip cost me a hefty $1,700, including a seat in Premium Economy on the way in, and a better “seat option” in economy on the way back. I was waiting for the prices to drop, but they never did. Oh well, this money was budgeted for it anyway. And I get 2x points on my Mastercard instead of the usual 1x. I will also get $400 back by using said Mastercard points.

It’s totally, absolutely worth it.